Spoken and Written Spanish Translation Solutions


  • Where: international conferences, seminars, meetings, courses and conference calls
  • What: varied topics, including franchise development


  • Where: law offices, federal courts, foreign consulates, jail visits, or via phone/video
  • What: depositions, federal court hearings, examinations under oath (EUOs), mediations, arbitrations, debriefings, meetings, independent medical evaluations (IMEs), and more!
  • Concerning: personal injury, construction, criminal, estate planning, Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, denied U.S. passport applications, and more!


  • Where: USCIS Denver Field Office and law offices
  • What: I-130/I-485/N-400/I-589 interviews, InfoPass appointments and naturalization ceremonies

Special Requests

  • Where: At diverse locations, including foreign consulates
  • What: witnessing powers of attorney before civil law notary officials, vocational evaluations, and more!

Spoken Translation of Documents (see this article)

Written Document Translations